The robcast/digilib docker image

robcast/digilib is a public Docker image on the central Docker Hub server that you can use to run digilib without installing Java or Tomcat yourself - all you need is to install Docker.

How to use this image

Quick try-out using built-in images:

docker run --rm -p 8080:8080 robcast/digilib

Then open https://localhost:8080/digilib/digilib.html in your browser.

To use your own images in the directory /your/image/path on your host system:

docker run --rm \
    -p 8080:8080 \
    --name digilib \
    -e BASEDIR_LIST="/var/lib/images" \
    -v /your/image/path:/var/lib/images \

Supported tags

  • release-x.y.z: Tagged release builds.
  • snapshot: unstable daily builds from the master branch.


The digilib runtime image builds on the tomcat:9-jre11 image.

Available parameters for the container

You can set the values of the most important digilib configuration parameters as environment variables using the -e option of docker run. For more information check the digilib-config documentation.

  • BASEDIR_LIST: list of directories where images are searched (required)

  • DEFAULT_QUALITY: default interpolation quality (0: do not use interpolation (worst), 1: use linear interpolation, 2: use bilinear interpolation and blur-before-scale (best, default))

  • MAX_IMAGE_SIZE: maximum size of delivered images as number of pixels, 40000 means up to 200x200 or 100x400, 0 (default) means no limit

  • SENDFILE_ALLOWED: is sending whole image files with mo=file allowed (default: “true”)?

  • WORKER_THREADS: number of parallel working threads (default: 2)

  • MAX_WAITING_THREADS: maximum number of waiting requests in queue (default: 20)

  • IIIF_PREFIX: URL prefix (after Scaler) for the IIIF API (default: “IIIF”)

  • IIIF_IMAGE_BASE_URL: base URL for the IIIF image API

  • IIIF_MANIFEST_BASE_URL: base URL for the IIIF presentation API

Using your own digilib config file

If you need more control over your digilib configuration then you can supply your own digilib-config.xml file by mounting it to /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/digilib/WEB-INF/digilib-config.xml in the container:

docker run --rm \
	-p 8080:8080 \
    --name digilib \
    -v digilib-config.xml:/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/digilib/WEB-INF/digilib-config.xml
    -v /your/image/path:/var/lib/images \

Note: when you use your own config file you can not use the predefined parameters described above.

Building your own container image

You can build your own digilib container image from the digilib sources:

git clone
cd digilib
docker build -f build/docker/Dockerfile -t mydigilib:latest .

You can supply additional options to Maven during the build process using the MVM_ARGS build parameter:

docker build -f build/docker/Dockerfile -t mydigilib:latest --build-arg MVN_ARGS="-Piiif-presentation" .

See the digilib build documentation for more information.